Snorkeling Palm Beach

Blue Heron Bridge Snorkeling

When you think about snorkeling in Florida most people think about the Florida Keys. Without prior knowledge you wouldn’t think the Intracoastal Waterway off of Singer Island and Riviera Beach in Palm Beach county would be a snorkeler’s paradise but it sure is. Located underneath the Blue Heron Bridge out of Phil Foster Park is a world class snorkel trail with over 600 different species living at the snorkel Blue Heron Bridge year round and over another 100 transient species. With such an abundance of wildlife snorkelers can see starfish, octopus, spotted rays, and even sea turtles on any given day at high tide. The snorkel trail was built with over 600 tons of limestone along with a wide variety of other structures from a shopping cart garden to boat wrecks, and you may even spot three hammerhead shark statues down there. The convenience of being able to walk off the beach and swim out to water that is only 8-15ft deep while swimming through schools of sergeant majors is like no other location. Ranked as one of the best shore dives in the Eastern United States for the past several years the bridge is a premier destination for those looking to enjoy a great day in and around the water.