Exploring Peanut Island

Peanut Island is a great place to enjoy a day packed with fun recreation activities from paddle boarding or kayaking to snorkeling and fishing from the Singer Island Outdoor Center. Peanut Island has a long history here in Palm Beach County, created in 1918 from material that was dredged during the construction of the Lake Worth Inlet.  In 1923 the Lake Worth Inlet District purchased the Island and in 1930 Congress authorizes the building of a coast guard station which would open six years later and close almost 60 years later in 1995.

How did they decide to name it “Peanut” Island? Well even though plans to use the island as a terminal for peanut oil were abandoned they had decided to keep the name.  In 1961 JFK  constructed an underground bunker that provided a shelter and command post on the island.

By 1984 Palm Beach County and the Port of Palm Beach enter into an agreement  to provide maintenance of the island, provided it remains a recreation area.  In 1991 the Port of Palm Beach sells 50 acres of the 79 acre island to the Florida Inland Navigation District.  To protect the wildlife and it’s habitat on Peanut Island the Army Corps of Engineers awards a contract for the Peanut Island Environmental Enhancement  Project.  While creating over 30 acres of wildlife habitat they removed invasive non native vegetation and spoil materials. In 2005 the projects amenities officially opened to the public to enjoy recreational activities year round.

Today Peanut Island has an excellent lifeguarded area to enjoy snorkeling and swimming on its south eastern side.    Currently the Island has a 1.25 mile walking path that allows you to explore and see some of the amazing wildlife the island has to offer.  Along with a campsite, boat docks, and historic Coast Guard  station Peanut Island is a great way to enjoy a days worth of recreation in the sun.