lake worth lagoon

Lake Worth Lagoon

The Lake Worth Lagoon is teaming with life. There is an entire community that most people do not realize is swimming just under the busy waterways we drive over every day. I have had a chance to swim in this thriving ecosystem and find it to be enchanting. As I learn the role each type of fish plays in the reef structures found at Phil Foster Park and Peanut Island I begin to personify their jobs. This may seem senseless to some but they all have a niche in this world as do we.

Take for instance the filefish. It is a detritivore or in other words it eats dead coral and barnacles which provides room for new life to grow. There is also the sea star, crustaceans, and worms that help to clean up the reefs. These guys can be thought of as the sanitation workers. Then there is the coral which provides the protection to the fish. It is the home builder of a reef. Their structure creates terrain that can only be traversed by the smaller species.

There are so many roles that are portrayed by the fish of a reef. But the Lake Worth Lagoon community as a whole is a magnificent sight to me. I really enjoy leading snorkeling tours to show others how this unique symbiotic relationship has developed into a community teaming with life. If you haven’t snorkeled the Lake Worth Lagoon yet, come down to Phil Foster and take a swim along the snorkel trail. You will not regret it.