Light Up Paddleboard Tours

Q: So what is more fun than getting out on the water for a day of paddling?

A: Getting out on the water for a NIGHT of paddling…WITH GLOWING PADDLEBOARDS!Night Paddleboarding

Join us for an experience unlike any other.  Outfitted with special Nocqua light systems, you will spend this 60-90 minute guided tour paddling at the surface while peering into the crystal clear water below.  Departing from our docks at Phil Foster Park, this tour circles the island during twilight and makes stops at reefs and other sunken treasures along the way.  Nocturnal marine life is attracted to these lights, so the opportunity for wildlife viewing is outstanding.  Also, these lights are BRIGHT, and make even the most timid outdoor enthusiasts feel safe and at ease while they explore.  Paddling at night offers the paddler a very unique perspective and the waterways are far less congested with boat traffic at this time of day.  Come on in and let’s light it up!

Lnocqua2ightSUP – Illuminated Paddle Tour (90 minutes)

$40 per person